Jorge, Sofia and Patricia Riggen opened in 2005 RIGGEN FILMS, a Production Company located in Guadalajara, Mexico where they could all develop their own projects and help others create their own.

They have produced short films like LINDO Y QUERIDO Dir. Patricia Riggen, part of the feature film REVOLUTION (2010), Documentaries like NOSOTROS, DE URUGUAYOS Y CARNAVAL (2007) Dir. Sofia Riggen/ Paola Perkal , TV commercials (WHTI, LIUNA!, BORDER SAFETY INICIATIVE,) among others.

But it’s not all business. As a production company, we have supported very interesting projects like: Tonica, International Jazz Festival following with our cameras their music workshops and concerts, and editing small pieces for their public. We have helped Music groups  do their music videos, specially when they are ecofriendly projects, like Tragicomi-k, and their song: El Puente de Juanacatlan.